American Grisbi Tour

Whatever the language...
      ...Rock'n'Roll is always Rock'n'Roll !

Damn' boots Touchez Pas Au Grisbi ! Does that name remind you of the title of an old French gangster movie ? It's one reason why these four French guys, lulled by Rock'n'Roll, often appear on stage dressed in gangster suits. Don't worry ! Their only weapons are their voices and their music, even if the music explodes off the stage like a gun. They've got rhythm... They've got style... They ditched their polished shoes and hit the road with airplane tickets in hand, a few US dollars in their pocket with plans to kick up their boots in the USA. Don't miss this first American Grisbi Tour !

To discuss tour details, contact our USA agent : / 918-625-8376

Meet the band !

Photo Champetre A few years ago, encircled by the light of a dull bulb above a messy poker table, four musicians were discussing their future...
What will become the plans for those fellows lulled by rock n'roll and soul music? Set the stage and the audience on fire with their original songs and American covers full of Grisbi energy!

Thus, Touchez Pas Au Grisbi was born (TPAG...known affectionately by friends) from the experience of those four rowdy guys who have enough zest and madness to ignite the hearts and move the crowds. With a bag full of French lyrics, a solid line-up and that classic vintage sound, whatever the language, Rock n' Roll is always Rock n' Roll! Yes Sir !!

The "engineer" (Clément - bass) and his partner, the "winchman" (Camille - drums) are conducting the rhythm section's freight train with a solid handling, covered from time to time by the hoarse voice and the stinging guitar of the "scrap dealer" (Ludo – vocal, guitarist). This bunch of hoboes can count on the heat of "Double Trigger" (Gilles - harmonica) devilish harmonica, to spice the whole thing up!

From this point, you should warn your daughters as the gang hits the road that this group’s recipe has become spicy hot! On stage, these gypsy-looking cowboys, despite their rude boys behavior, are winning the affection of the audience and filling one's eyes with tears of admiration.

2009 (The blues period) After exploring much of the Parisian bars and suburban stages, the band marched throughout the countryside arousing astonishment and admiration amongst the population. Although the band is not literally speaking a blues band, its vintage swing sound seduces the French blues scene and festivals such as "Blues en V.O", "Blues sur Seine" or "Harmonica sur Cher".

Photo Concert2010 (Big stage) The opening of the famous French band Dionysos at Poirel theatre in Nancy will remain as an anthology scenical experience.

2011 (original motion picture soundtrack) TPAG signed the soundtrack for Jean-Marc Rettig's short film "Fête comme chez vous" that depicts with humour an adventure of Frank Margerin's famous comics character, Lucien. The sound of TPAG sticks to this peculiar universe as a piece of chewing gum sticks under a six grader's table. Indeed, a number of TPAG's songs are inspired by legendary film scenes, and they are currently working on other video projects.

2012 (recording sessions) The band wandered into studios to refine its arrangements and are developing the sketches of an album to be. During this time, the band continues to pace up and down the French stages.

2013 (The Big Plan) Growing out of this experience, a pilgrimage! The band is about to visit its spiritual ancesters’ lands and settle its first American tour!!

Today, Touchez Pas Au Grisbi is not just a myth for aficionados. The band grew up and found its very identity, its sound, its groove. One will discover some melody for the girls willing to show off on the dance floor, efficient riffs that move the heart of muscled hairy guys and exquisite lyrics for the book worms at the back of the room (There will always be some!).

Prepare for your earth to move, TPAG is on the way!

TPAG in your TV !